27 September, 2016

The in between time!

Daffny and Dulce spend the early morning together inside the house. They chase each other going from one room to the other. Of late, they have designed a game to take turns to hide and seek! It is not always a successful game as one of them impulsively would give away the game, when it takes a longer time to find the other!

We still keep a watch on them during this time! Daffny normally would find anything new in the house. She is certainly scent driven. Dulce is bold to do some mischief when Daffny is around inside the house, which she would not attempt during the rest of the day! Dulce is one year old this month and Daffny is three .

It is during the in between time when they rest, we get a sense of the dimension of rest! Although it is recovery time from  a hectic chase of each other, it is also more than that. It is at the close of one game they take such a break!

Make in between times during the day to reflect and look forward!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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