12 September, 2016

One, Two, Three..

A three years old child visited me with her parents  a few days ago. She went to the flower bed and started counting One, Two and Three. She stopped at three as she had learned from her play school to count only till three. 

She told me that the home work for the week was to count everything she saw upto three. 

After counting the flowers, she counted the three windows. Then she started counting the dogs. After counting the two dogs, she asked me for the third dog! She looked disappointed because she could not count a third dog. Then she counted One, looking at me and looked for others. Anna was away at that time. When she could not count beyond one, she looked even more disappointed!   

For her all things exist in threes. That seems to be the message she received from her class.

I was amused by her enthusiasm to count and her parents told me that when she counted their fingers she was disappointed that she could not go on counting beyond three.. 
So her parents began teaching her to count till ten now!

For young children, there is the world of parents and teachers and most things exist as conditioned by them!

It was after this girl counted the flowers I looked at the way flowers are arranged. I could find flower arrangements upto five in a cluster! This was a fascinating discovery for me. 

There is always something more in the nature to discover!

I started writing down the new discoveries I am make each week during the morning walks!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

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