15 September, 2016

Fruits in their season!

Whether it is one or five, to find fruits growing out of flowers is a delight! The fruits are born inspite of many odds.

I have been watching these flowers bear these fruits during the last three weeks. During this time, the growth of the fruits was slow but consistent. They could have disappeared anytime as birds and squirrels are fond of them!

Plants give away their flowers and fruits! They are gifts offered to any one in need them! 

In fact when flowers and fruits are sold, there is also a financial gain!

This tells us about the cycle in nature. We take care of the  earth and the earth produces fruits for us. 

Having been responsible to take care of the property around our cottage was a pleasant experience although demanding with domestic workers struggling to keep the weeds and pests away! The plants require almost daily attention!

There is a fresh look to the garden when they are tended and cared for! 

It is as much as we invest into providing what they need, they produce their yield!

Anna and I have found this stewardship fulfilling and are very grateful to our domestic workers who toil in the sun and rain to do this with their full attention!

M.C.Mathew(texta and photo) 

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