09 September, 2016

Can paper tower stand!

Anna and I had a privilege to welcome some students and interns to our foster family group yesterday, since this new practice of closer integration with students and faculty was introduced recently at the MOSC Medical College!

During an evening of conversations, discussions and games, we realised that for both of us it was a refreshing evening to see the group interact and share experiences which created a new quality of communication!

All of us live with others and the nearness we keep with each other is related to the comfort zone we create to exist. We can either view others around us as intruders or companions! I hope such relaxing occasions create an ambience of welcoming more and more people as companions whose presence in our lives can enlarge us!

As humans we have a predisposition to insulate ourselves with our 'ways and attitudes' and becoming closed to the realities beyond us! 

A child of nine years told me yesterday that, 'uncle, when I go out to play I return with some good memories'! When we care to open our lives to others, we shall gain something in return!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)   (please move the frame sideways for a full view of the first photo)

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