29 September, 2016

Continuity and consolidation!

Dr. Alfred Job Daniel finished his term of office as the Principal of CMC Vellore a week ago after providing five years of commendable leadership to the institution. He is remembered for his several contributions-  starting new training programmes, building infrastructure and facilities, planning and responding to the needs of increased number of students in undergraduate and post graduate training programmes, facilitating to respond to a revised admission process following the introduction of NEET for eligibility for admission, to list a few.

Every five years when a new Principal takes over, there is continuity and consolidation. It is a unique experience because, a senior faculty takes time away from his or her regular work to make a contribution in an administrative role!

Dr. Anna Pulimood has taken over as the new Principal. She served as the Vice-Prinicapl for undergraduate studies for five years and was the Vice-Pinicapl for Human Resources  till she was called upon to the role of being the Principal. CMC would enter into its hundredth year in medical education in 2018. There would be some relevant initiatives to celebrate this occasion and the responsibility of planning for this would be one of her immediate major responsibilities. 

The five Vice-Prinicapls and the Principal and a Registrar with his team of deputy registrars, are the core functionaries who provide leadership to  educational activities at CMC Vellore. 

I feel that CMC is at the threshold of a new era of transition for greater possibilities!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

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