09 September, 2016

from Bench to Bedside!

This batch of medical students at MOSC Medical College is in transition! They move from 'bench to bedside' after having completed their examinations in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, Their   examination results are expected  by November 2016.

Anna and I were privileged to be with them for a short while, at their evening gathering in the community, where they spend a week to get prepared for their clinical learning through house visits. This is one way o getting them acquainted with common health challenges in the community. The community Medicine department offers this orientation to students in preparing them to develop interviewing skills and to introduce them to the science of epidemiology, vital statistics and social anthropology.

At the end of day of house visits to families they gather in the evening for debriefing and to have conversations about preparing themselves to bedside clinical learning!

For the majority it was a first time experience of going to homes where facilities are minimum and people live close to nature! They talked about this experience with some delight. We were surprised by the alertness and interest they conveyed about what they are learning! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)    (Please move the frame sideways to get the full view of the photographs)

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