17 March, 2018

Small creatures!

There is a surprise when we notice small creatures in unexpected places! I was fascinated to notice them in the flowers even after a drizzle !

Ther eis  aspace fr each one of us and we do not have displace anyone for our presence!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

After a drizzle!

I found an unusual brightness and freshness in the garden yesterday morning! There was a prolonged drizzle early in the morning!

The plants also need their bath! The nature has its own cycle of protecting and providing!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

The silence of the morning!

Having had to trim and prune the tall trees with large branches and thick foliage, to prevent damage to trees during the forthcoming monsoon season, there is silence around our cottage early n the morning! The bird songs are not heard for the last one week! We normally got up listening to the cacophony of the morning!

This is the third time in the last five years since we live in this cottage we noticed the disappearance of the birds from the garden following the trimming of trees!

We still have to find a balance to stay eco-freindly and bird friendly! 

How terrible we feel now, when we sense that our one act has bruised the birds, making them stay away from us!

Is there a message in this for human relationships! It is a call to do what we do, mindful of how it would impact others!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

16 March, 2018

Something more!

There is something more in the cluster of rose buds! It is a web! The web makes this photo even more special!

The university practical examination is currently going on. Two batches of students have gone through this!

Anna tis one of the examiners in her subject. She has had students who became tearful and found the viva difficult! But she was patient and thoughtful towards them! I heard one of the students mention that some examiners made them at ease even when they could not answer the initial questions!

There is always something more we can offer in every situation. It is that 'second mile journey' or thoughtfulness we express which bring comfort and wellness. It is in the cingular gyrus of the brain, the emotion of compassion is located! There are evidences to suggest that we can cultivate compassion or suppress it! 

Having been in a specialty of clinical service, where I come across  parents in distress, I pondered  over this matter yesterday, after meeting a family with their 15 years old son suffering from a rare disease, which has no curative treatment! 

I reflected on my seventy minutes meeting with them! How have they returned home at the end of the conversation!

Do I offere something more in my engagement with others!

MC.Mathew(text and photo)

Another season !

Yesterday we had the first summer rain! That is how the summer often sets in! I might have to wait for another winter season to watch the dew on the flowers and leaves !

The other day I kept searching for a particular brand of shampoo I was using for the last four years! That product is no more available! I got used to it and is already missing it! The new shampoo is good enough and might be even better!

All seasons have a beginning and an end! 

When we apply this to relationships between people, it is almost similar. There are good times and difficult times. The difference is that, instead of expecting the same season of cordiality all the time, welcome the difficult times and turn that into deepening of relationships. When trust dominates differences become different ways of approaching an issue for the larger benefit of each other.  

I saw this in a child of seven years yesterday. He liked a particular ice cream, which was not available in the hospital canteen. His parents offered him another flavour! He resisted tasting it initially. But when he did, he was more than glad fo this choice to taste it!

The 'sameness' is a self imposition we bring upon ourselves! Change, but uphold values and convictions!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)   

Same flower, but different colours for seeds!

There are exceptions in nature. As I walk in our garden, I discover more of these exceptions. some seeds of the same flower have different colours !

I used this picture to engage a family who have been preoccupied with the thought of 'sameness' for their three children.  They narrated the differences between them that it occurred to me as their uniqueness. 

I was associated with an organisation not so long ago, where the differences between the leaders because of their style of functioning caused disruption in purpose, responsibility and direction for the organisation! I was not able to reconcile the situation because the opinions were strong. 

The sight of these differently coloured seeds received me to a certain extent the heaviness I still carry with me on account of what happened in that organisation!  

The truth of our differences need to dawn on us, when we work others! It is good to bring the differences into the open and turn them into subjects of dialogue to find the strength in the differences  for the good of the organisation. I feel, that the exceptions call for a broad a margin of consideration for inclusiveness of all ideas, thoughts, behaviour, etc. if they are within the broad premise of he mission of the organisation.

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

15 March, 2018

A ceremonial occasion!

There are special occasions in the episcopal tradition, when the had of a church or a bishop would visibly demonstrate the calling to be a shepherd. With the cross on one hand and the staff on the other hand, the Bishop represents the mission. The Bishop is a witness to the suffering servant and caring shepherd!

I feel moved on such occasions, because the church symbolises to be a community of those who exist for others and live with the vocation of giving in service! What a honour that Church is blessed with the heritage of a suffering servant, 'who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross..'

It is a season of lent before we move on to the holy week in a few weeks from now! 

It is a season to consider how the followers of Jesus of Nazareth can be a 'leaven' to bring life in all its fullness to others!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)