13 January, 2018

One, Two, Three... and Many!


Each of us is one among the many!

Each flower is distinctly different, which is evident from the fourth photo!

Humanity is a garden of many, but each distinct. 

It is a journey of this consciousness that determines how well we live in harnessing this richness of being one among the many!

The boy in the miracle of feeding the five thousand, who offered his food pack of five loaves and two fish, because of which a Jesus of Nazareth performed the miracle of multiplying them for five thousand and more, was one different way a boy behaved  from the many, who too had their meal packets with them. The boy made the difference for the many!

Each of us has the prospects of making a difference!

Let each of us find our place of significance by looking beyond ourselves, while living among others!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)    

Meditation on life!

Although I have many pictures of the three flowers from their bud stage, let me present these three that tell us a lot about life itself!

Look at the hope and cheer with which the buds announce their presence! During the next ten days, the flowers withered!

It was a good celebration of life!

All who begin life will have a similar course of life!

What happens during this in between period is what really matters. 

Yesterday, while meeting with a young doctor in training, I realised, how the pressures of life and living is demanding! Soon thereafter I met another young doctor who was effusive and inspriringly cheerful, who told me, 'let me live each day, enjoying what I do and work for creating a smile in the face of patients I look after'. She too is waiting for her post graduate admission!

The joy of living transcends the existential pressures!   Think of life as a calling to live serving others!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

12 January, 2018

The leaves and flowers!

One insight that dawned on me while going over the photographs of the rose flowers I took recently, was that the focus was on the flowers. So the leaves were out of focus in all the photographs. 

Is there something for us to learn from this!

What is visible and impressive invite our attention and others remain unnoticed. 

It occurred to me that it is the leaves which give the flowers their richness and colour contrast. The stem and leaves provide support to the flower and give even shade and protection.

Yesterday during a conversation with a family, what was evident was this truth! How much the family support and adjust to take care of the interests of the children and to let them progress in the diversity of their interests. It was moving to hear the mother share her experiences of the efforts he was making to let her two children develop their talents by giving full attention to their interests. 

We arrive in life where we are, because others give us the support and encouragement!  

So I went back to take some pictures where the leaves are on focus! That is when I realised that the leaves are also under attack from pests!

The care givers too need care and attention lest they get damaged in the process of giving life to others!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

10 January, 2018

When a book shows the way!

I found this book a valuable resource to understand what is going on in China after the Cultural Revolution!

Bishop Ting, who was the Principal of a college at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution had to work in the farm along with other labourers during the Revolution. The college was used as the regional office of the Revolution. 

At the end of the cultural Revolution, he was able to return to restart the college!

The talks which he gave after this experience globally is what is put together in the book.

There is profoundness of charity and tolerance he communicates about his experiences. 

I have read this book at a time, when I have faced a difficult season in my life, when the language of love and forgiveness is what I have been needing in my attitude!

We might suffer! But the suffering becomes vicarious when we become humane with the grace of seeing others as our brothers and sisters!

Yesterday, an office I went to get a help to restore our gas connection surprised me. It took less than five minutes for them to attend to me. I was touched by their goodness. It is goodness which is the antidote to anger or harm!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

All in one morning!

Each of these rose flowers has something different from the other! What makes the garden special is all the differences which add to the richness of diversity!

There is a lot of discussion in the Indian press on 'nationalism', even trying to define it just in one particular way without allowing a diversity!

There is  discussion to define social behaviour to express nationalism!

There was an effort to get the Supreme Court of india to define the way to respect national anthem when it is sung or played!

What a distraction! 

During this winter months, hundreds live in the streets without shelter and warm clothes. The ND TV has a campaign to provide blankets to such families! 

I hope we would accept diversity as the way and turn our thoughts and attention to do good! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

07 January, 2018

A dog lover!

I watched  a child receive the affection of Daffney. He is not used to having a dog at home, but he and his sister are dog lovers from what I could make out from the affectionate responses both of them received from Daffney and Dulcy.

The sequences of pictures would suggest that Daffeny responds to friendship offered and is fondly looking toward his new found friend! 

Is it not a vivid illustration of the impact  of thoughtfulness, care and attention!

Wherever possible share abundance of goodness and it would become a seed that shall sprout to bring returns! 

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

Small things made visible!

This is the macro lens I would have used hundreds of times in the last 20 years since I first procured it. The macro lens magnifies the small things! Some of the photographs I have taken with this lens created new perspectives for my thinking. In fact I was drawn into the different stages of the metamorphosis of butterfly with the use of this lens.

Do small thing matter! Of late I have been following the way the tiny spider weaves its web! It creates a web of about one foot circumference. It is a piece of art to look at!

Small things are beautiful. Small acts of kindness are touching. We need prepared eyes and primed heart to receive them. Our hearts feel and ponder over matters when we feel touched.  

So we need to have our eyes tuned and heart primed to feel the small things of life! 

Many children who come to visit me in my work place reach out to touch me or shake hands ! It is only recently I have begun to feel the warmth in their touch! It is that warmth that stays on to refresh me in a demanding day! We need to let our hearts to feel the small experiences and enlarge the impact of them in daily living! It is one way of developing a contemplative interior to our lives!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)