15 August, 2017

Nearing the fifth anniversary of Dev Paed and child Neurology!!

It is the season of looking foreword to the fifth anniversary of the department in September, 2017. Let me share some photo memories of our journey from 2012. 

Friends in batch of 2010

Dear friends, wherever you might be Anna and I remember you and want to send you our special appreciation for all that you contributed to the life of the developmental Paediatrics and child aNeurology department in 2013. You were an encouragement to us when we we were preparing for our first anniversary. Thank you and have a good experience of practice of medicine! We have many pleasant memories of you!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

In appreciation of friends and researchers of batch of 2012

Dear friends, Anna and I want to tell you that it was a pleasure getting to know you and thank you for your efforts to stay in touch. Let this year of internship be a year of learning and growing!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

In appreciation of friends and researchers of batch of 2011

Anna and I share want to express our gratitude for y9our friendship and wish you God's presence and blessings as you move on to another phase of your lives!

M.C Mathew(text and photo)

Flowering plants are bare now!

Most of our shrubs which ought to be full of flowers post monsoon are now home for scores of larvae. 

We sprayed some plants to protect them from a similar end, but of no use! 

They have adapted to cope!

Our gardener says, the plants would revive. But my concern is that it happens twice a year!

A visitor who came to visit us two weeks back, spotted some colourful butterflies which according to him are commonly seen in the western ghats. He is a nature enthusiast! 

It is difficult to view them as pests... we console ourselves by saying that they are butterflies in formation!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

An awakened group!

While Anna and I were driving out one evening last week we saw a group of students working on this stretch of land to convert this into a garden. They are active in the Social service club of the MOSC Medical College.

When we stopped to chat with them, they invited us to join them which we did for  a short while.

This enthusiasm to improve the environment is  spontaneous. They recently planted several saplings on the campus and encouraged other colleges in the town to do the same.   

One of them questioned me when we trimmed trees in the garden of the Early Learning Centre. How refreshing it was to hear such a plea to preserve the environment by respecting trees and planting new ones!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

My Mood while strolling in the garden!

Wherever I looked on that day, when I was waling in the garden, I saw yellow flowers. Not that here were no other flowers with different colours! I happened to notice the yellow ones!

It was conditioned by me perception! When I became aware of the filter of my mind at that time, I repositioned my sight. Lo and behold there were other flowers with different colours.

Tis happened at the end of a day after a difficult meeting! The meeting ended stressfully as a few insisted on others to buy in to their perception!

We are subject to our mood, attitude, and state of alertness!

When we are sure and insist on our view point to be the only truth, we are likely to be at risk of missing the whole truth!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)