22 May, 2017

During a conversation!

As these three men were in conversation, I observed short silent spells! Their faces suggest that they are in thoughts!

We think, feel and respond!

There is yet another dimension of listening from within before we talk!

I have some friends who practice this! They speak less but what they speak are pathfinders for the listeners!

There is an inner listening! It is from this words are born to speak! If only we can speak what we hear, words would become a means for uplifting, healing, comforting, affirming....

This is the language of the heart!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

Rings of growth!

It is possible to count the rings around a tree and calculate its years of growth!

The wood cutter who brought this to my attention showed the core and periphery of this growth rings. The inside is its core and the wood is worth only when the core is large!

It is the inside that matters!

Who are we inside is a question which the psychologists often raise in personal conversations!

We can conceal our inside or reveal it...humans inspire others when they reveal their inside of altruism and self-giving!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Ready for a flight!

Just before a Magpie Robin takes its flight, it is in this posture for a few seconds!

This readiness reveals many things. As I watched this bird for a while in the campus moving from one place to another, it follows its instinct as well as responds to the movement in the environment. 

It follows its rhythm of response!

It is a bird in the lower rung of the hierarchy of birds! The bigger birds bring a threat!

It is of some interest to me that, it is is often in safe places and is not competing with others. 

It too has its space!

I find this this thought inspiring! If only we can find our space of belonging, that is what would make our lives purposeful and meaningful! Living in that space becomes our calling!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

21 May, 2017

Pink and bright!

The sight of these flowers brought an inner stillness while I was walking to the car park with many questions in mind about some events that happened recently!

It was a call to pause and ponder!

It helped me into a transition of viewing the recent experiences through another optic!

It is not what happen around us or to us that matters...but our reactions to them!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

A contrast!

The lawn and the hedge plants survived in the summer heat..but not the Christmas tree!

We would have to adjust to many unexpected things in life!

How we react to them is what matters!

It was sad to lose a tree but many plants survived the heat!

The question is whether the glass is half full or half empty!

It was during the last two weeks I came to face the reality that I can be drawn away by a 'half empty attitude'!

It is a good practice to have regular personal audit of our attitudes!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Ingenuity !

The wood cutters were at work during the week end to cut a tall tree which was leaning on to the roof of the Early Learning centre!

What I saw fascinated me! With one rope they let the cut branch hang and lower it slowly while with another rope they directed the branch to the place they wanted it to fall!

This 'double rope' method was well used and only the trunk of the tree remains to be cut!

This method of careful planning was a special sight to watch. The workers with experience in wood cutting for five years and more applied every principle of good planning!

It was  a live demonstration of  human resourcefulness and ingenuity!


Mystery of missing birds !

At the beginning of the last week, Anna and I noticed a nest and four birds.. at the end of the week, the birds are not around... on day we noticed one of them waiting...

The last three weeks have brought some gains and losses...

The gains were refreshing... the losses were distressing as well!

That is the rhythm of life!

What remains within us can be hope and trust...!

That is what makes life wholesome!