19 July, 2018

The queen of the Lilies

We have different species of Lillies in our garden. Anna refers to this as the queen of Lillies. 

It is pouring with rain, but this delicate blossom of flowers is brilliant to watch! It blooms no matter what is the weather!

Its nature is to blossom....!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

In twenty minutes!

When Anna and and I left for home at 4.45 pm yesterday we were delighted that it was dry and the blue sky was reflected on the water surface in the flooded paddy fields. In less than twenty minutes of our journey, the sky became dark and the second picture of another paddy field flooded with water with the overcast sky tells it all, about what happened immediately after this. 

In a short time the sunshine was overshadowed with almost darkness!

It is this story that I hear form many families each day. A family with their nineteen months old child who live overseas came back for a revisit yesterday. From the first time they visited us when the baby was four months, although has developed and overcome some challenges, it is far from what the parents were looking forward to!

The joy of parenting and childhood get overshadowed by darkness of distress, grief, and challenges, that it is a burden which many families carry with them, when their child is developmentally challenged!

Although we have made some efforts to make our department family friendly, we still feel that what we do  is only elementary to encourage and support families. 

I wish we have had better resources to reach out to parents to stay as their companions!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)  

A new look to our conference room!

Thanks to my colleagues who spent hours getting the last six years of the department of developmental paediatrics and child neurology summarised in 11 bulletin boards during this week. I felt touched by their enthusiasm and creativity ! Every year we have had contacts with about three thousand families and their children! From a small beginning in 2012 to where we are is a story of much encouragement!

It is only when we pause we can discover the significance of the small things we were able to do and their outcome, which was more than we imagined! My colleagues reminded me yesterday that the majority of children who come to visit us with their neuro-developmental needs are pre-school children. I wish this would further change with more infants and toddlers coming so that there is greater prospect of modifiability of their developmental trajectory!

As I recall, there has been something or the other which was refreshing and promising, happening within the department, because of which we felt encouraged to go on thus far! There were seven marriages of our colleagues! That itself is a reason to celebrate!

It was a worthwhile period of growth even for me in understanding the joy of working collaboratively!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

The cycle of plant life!

The oldest coconut trees in our farm is about seventy-five years. So some have far less yield and a few are almost dying(second picture). There are about forty coconut trees of this age and we loose a few every years. From about 100 or so ten years back, we are left with some out of which some yield well. 

We planted fifteen coconut trees in the last two years and they are growing well and hopefully woeful produce coconut in three years. 

The papaya plant was a sapling last year and it is full of fruits this year. 

As I watch this cycle of life in the garden, I remember those days when my parents used to know each coconut plant and keep a watch over their growth trajectory. I remember that hey would detect very early when a tree is showing a sign of infested with any illness and would have it treated by appropriately. For them the life of the plants in the garden was central to their thinking! We had the best yielding coconut trees, banana plants, nutmeg trees, and coco plants in our village. In fact it was my parents who introduced coconut trees to our village. Their another contribution to farm life was rearing cows and providing milk to neighbours. I am amazed how they managed all of these while they both had full time work as teachers in the schools. 

I m not sure whether Ann ayr I have green fingers. But we too make an effort to attend to the plants and trees. We have fifteen fruit bearing trees in the garden. Except the mango trees all of them produce fruits. 

We live well only if we are eco-friendly! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)


17 July, 2018

A web strand that defies rain!

After three rains of almost continuous rain, a portion of the web is still visible on the rose bud!

We have an uprooted tree in rain, but this web still stands. Obviously it has some property to be insured from water!

It calls for meditation on the theme: staying protected!

Swami Agnivesh who was attacked physically yesterday a mob who was angry with him narrowly escaped serious injuries. In an interview, he said, 'God protected him'!

God protects... it is its awareness which gives us freedom from anxiety.

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Athletic living!

This book is a good companion for people who want to develop a movement plan in their daily living. 

It is a fascinating biographical sketch of the experiences of the author in her journey of exploring an exercise regimen that gives her energy and enthusiasm.

I picked up this book for a second reading because I realised that my schedule of exercise plans have suffered badly in the recent months. 

Seventy is a good age to revisit this and revise some good practices. 

According to the author, physical ageing is not the issue, but attitude, thoughts, and behaviour which affect the ageing process. 

Th first twenty minutes of any movement programme is the resource for wellness for that day and for a cumulative impact on wellness. in the future!
The author covers exhaustively evidences to propose that living well is more than dieting, exercising and staying away from addictive practices. It is treasuring our health as a gift and regarding it that way!

Our body responds well to endurance exercises and needs rhythmic exercises to make the cardio-respiratory functions optimum. Make our body as our friend!

M C Mathew (text and photo)

Rain brings damages!

An aracnut tree with plenty of aracnuts was uprooted during the incessant rain last  night. It is a tree with a robust root system to withstand even cyclonic wind! But rain causes it to trip! I read from the news paper that it is after seventeen years, we have such a season of furious down pour in our region, now for a week with almost no pause! The compound wall has given way in two places. The road to go to hospital is submerged. We have to take a longer route to reach the hospital.

Yes the climate is changing! It is terrible and dangerous air pollution in New Delhi and flooding in Bombay, Ernakulum, Godavari belt, etc.

It is something to ponder about for immediate collective corrective action!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)