28 April, 2017

Stop to think!

I have often wondered how the nutmeg fruits split naturally only in the centre, when it is ripe! I have pondered over it and asked several farmers and botanists! There are several explanations, but no definite single answer!

The small things that we observe in nature for which there is no definite one answer is a reminder to us that these are mysteries for us to behold!

I wish we can grow in a sense of wonder rather than rationalise or trivialise what we see all around us!

A sense of wonder is what a child lives with his. When a mother asked a two year old child, 'How was the lime juice, he said, 'it is lovely, lovely, lovely, fantastic'!

To stay alive and alert to small and big realities is a gift within us which we can exercise to make our life a joy of encounter!

MC.Mathew(text and photo)

Swings of temperature!

The mid day temperature was 39 degree celsius yesterday. Today morning I noticed dew on the flowers! It is an indication of wide swing of temperature during summer!

Yesterday, I realised how such swings in mood are true in human behaviour! Yesterday a family who came to visit with their daughter told me how life is distressing to them due to cyclical phases of marital discord. The mother spoke about the mood swings in their lives as a couple. The success in their business determines their relationship! 

The extremes are not easy to cope with! It is a good practice to live temperately and moderately finding meaning out of experiences and strengthening the inner resources to stay resilient and resourceful. Their daughter listening to this conversation , although understood only little, said, 'But I am happy because I had a good birthday party two days back'!

Do we live majoring on the difficulties or live recollecting the richness of pleasant experiences!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Between two days!

During my early morning walk two days back, I noticed the web and the folded leaves with no caterpillar in sight! Today the leaves have been used to form a protected space for the caterpillar to move into the phase being  a cocoon! All in two days! 

So much happens each day all around us which can escape our attention! It can be true of our lives. While re-reading the book, Barak Obama-autobiography of his childhood and growing up years, I realised how he described the events of his life with perception and insight that held my attention with a sense of wonder! He transcended all the bad and unfolded the call of his life by seeing the opportunities the good experiences provided for him! It is a book that tells us how small experiences matter and can form our lives!

Life is never static.... it is unfolding all the time! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)
To stay alert to the sounds and sights of our inner self is one way of finding the mission in our lives!

27 April, 2017

Alone at a height!

I was following this Magpie Robin in the college garden for a while! It settled on this tall tree for a few minutes and appeared to be singing.

The second photo is just a second or two before it flew away again! I was not fast enough to capture its take off!

At this height away from other birds, all by itself, the bird was singing!

It got me thinking about my inner ambience at the end of the day!

The inner composure is what matters for our well being! Others around us would sense our wellness and feel encouraged!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

Always with flowers!

There is one rose plant in our garden which has flowers almost every day of the year! It is a plant that was planted by my parents! It is a lasting memorial to their years of life in this home!

What refreshes our living are our memories! Yesterday a friend with whom I have not been in touch for a while sent me a message, 'I thought of you today..'

Memories are memorials of goodness which brings fullness to life! and daily living !

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Three first fruits!

These are the three papaya fruits we gathered recently from the tree in our garden which grew up on its own! None of us remembers to have planted a sapling! We gave them away to our domestic helpers to celebrate the joy of being given!

We are blessed with many such gifts, more than what we deserve or can aspire for!

Life is a story of 'givenness'! What is that we have except, what has been given! 

This consciousness gives us a different outlook to life, living and learning!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

Foster family!

We had a get together with our foster students a few days back. It was an occasion of knowing and sharing! Anna and I found that students generally have found this academic year lot more pleasant with more inter batch cordiality!

Every time we have an opportunity to socially interact with students, we have come home refreshed and grateful!

I wish our home closer  to the college for the students to visit us as and when they liked!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)