11 September, 2016

Breaking the pot..!

Since I played this game in my school years fifty years ago, I happened to have an opportunity to watch this game of breaking the pot last week at the MOSC Medical College. Anna and I could not stay on for the completion of the game as we had to go for another engagement. But we watched the preparation for the game!

Once the pot is lifted high while hanging on a rope, the person who aims the pot with a stick to break  has to compete with the one who is moving the pot fast with the help of a pulley.  All that you are given is only a few attempts! When you break it the pot would shower coloured water! If the person is blindfolded it can be even more fun for the spectators!

The interesting part of this game is little beyond just the fun of it! 

It is a game that reminds us that there are others who can restrict one's opportunities in life! It is the way our society functions. Therefore wiser people would persist to conquer because it is important to do so or would let go if persisting is of not much of consequence! In letting go, you would escape the splashing of the coloured water on yourself!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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