24 September, 2016

Sparrow on a slanting slender plant!

As I  watched this sparrow positions itself on a slanting slender plant in a thick bush, while it was windy,  I remembered the delicate state that I was with my health three years back! While I was wheeled into the operation theatre for the coronary heart surgery, I was told by the surgeon to occupy myself with the thoughts of recovery and the happy times ahead! 

Yesterday, at the end of four kilometres walk and climbing multiple staircases, I remembered his words, because I could have gone on doing more exercise and still feeling well!

And yet health is still a delicate matter for everyone! I found eleven children with overweight out of twenty five children I welcomed for consultation last week! Their parents too carried risk factors!

I wish, more of us would 'enjoy' living well because, life has a song deep within which would be known to us only when we feel well in body, mind and soul!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

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