10 September, 2016

Symbol of harvest!

Following the monsoon, there is a celebration of the bounties of nature! For a farmer, it is the harvest from his field! 

As I watched the medical students arrange this traditional symbol of harvest, I was reminded of the way the measuring pot used here, was used during my childhood days. 

Following the gathering of the paddy from the field, it was measured by using this pot! I was given the privilege to fill and measure paddy following the harvest. 

Those childhood days were special. I too felt involved in the farm activities of ploughing the field and sowing seeds!

Now that Anna and I have been living for three and half years in this cottage where I grew up, I have several memories that remind me of the origins of some of my thoughts and attitudes! I am on way to find my roots!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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