10 September, 2016

Garden of banana plants!

Anna and I found this sight of banana plants in the centre of a traffic junction on the main road, close to our home, while we were on our way  to the hospital this morning!

Th road has several pot holes and when water cover the pot holes on a rainy day, the scooterists have a terrible time to navigate. Recently there were a few accidents and the public works department is yet to do something about it!

The volunteers who did it in the night spoke angrily about the way authorities respond to the plea of citizens! I wondered whether it was more appropriate to fill the pot holes with some mud, because the police removed these banana plants and in the evening on our return, we found the road unattended.

There is a apathy of some sort in being responsive to the needs of people! This is the root cause for cynicism and anger among the civil society!

MC.Mathew(text and photo)

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