11 September, 2016

A sight that stops you to take note!

My apologies for a poorly focussed photograph!  This is the best among the several ones of the spider web I took with a compact camera in the morning when the web was still wet with moisture! I looked for the spider, but could not find it!

Its symmetry is distorted. Obviously it has been there for a while, still surviving the wind and the rain!

I have not had an opportunity to watch a spider weave a web although I have sometimes stayed watching a web to notice the spider appear from somewhere!

What went through my mind as I watched this web is its design! It is exquisite!  It is fragile and yet resilient!

There are only few things in nature which combine this contrasting features!

Human life is also an amalgam of fragility and resilience!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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