09 September, 2016

Creations of human minds!

As I watched the students create this flower design on the foyer of the MOSC Medical College a few days back, I was fascinated by the efforts of many of them in sharing their ideas and give form and shape to an exquisite piece of art on the floor!

I spent about an hour watching four groups of students create floral art on the floor! I felt sorry that I was doing this during the working hours, while students were enjoying their holiday!

I was captured by the enthusiasm and fervour of the students to give their best to be uniquely creative!

Every time I have an occasion to meet with students, I return from the experience with a sense of awe and wonder about their talent pool!  I wish there was more engagement of their youthful vibrance into the life of this community for the benefit of students and faculty!

Give students an idea, they would surpass our expectations!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)   

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