17 August, 2022

Living in the interface !

I felt fascinated how the morning sunshine changed the colour complexion of this sunbird, which was perched  in an unusual place. The sunshine of the morning did make the bird more colourful. 

The light within is what illuminates our thoughts and actions. 

The interior darkness is caused by fear, anxiety, suspicion, prejudice, enmity and all such reducing attitudes. We see this in personal lives and in public places. 

The interior light is created by a God experience whereby we feel loved, affirmed, forgiven, enabled and enlightened!

To have the light of God in human heart would be the way we can experience human coherence and cordiality!

A lawyer recently told me that if human friendships were to be real, disputes and civil suits would decline. 

We live alienated from others and this makes us feel insecure. 

The light of being able to see each other as collaborators in life's journey is a vision to live with!

Yesterday when  a lady pushed ahead of me at the billing counter in a shop, what came up within me was a disturbance. It took a little while to turn that into a composure to view that person more sympathetically. 

We live our lives in the interface between inner darkness and light! Living in the light is a conscious act of resting in the goodness of God and learning to receive others as our neighbours. 

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

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