30 January, 2017

A Hill view !

The distant view from this hill top tells us a lot about the history of its valleys add slopes. This view of the mountains in Idukki tells that there is sparse human habitation in and around these mountains. This is rather unusual as it is common to see such serene places turn into tourist resorts, ever since tourism has become a popular and profitable industry!

What is special about such vast expanse of uninhabited area is preservation of its biodiversity!

Anna and I sighted birds, reptiles and squirrels which are special to this habitat!

On our return journey, we reflected on the struggles of tribal communities who normally live from the produce of such places, when they are displaced due to development projects. They are habitually dependent on this climate, setting, and comfort of these places. We noticed shops displaying the the produce of the mountains, honey, medicinal plants, household item made of bamboo, different food items made out of jack fruit etc. When people who live and earn their livelihood are displaced, it is a loss for them and a loss for us as well! But they are without the ability to resist when an environment development project is thrust upon them! 

It is something to ponder about! How do we contain the aggressive development for profit motive without loosing the integrity and rights of those to whom such places originally belonged for generations!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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