09 January, 2017

It is evening and getting dark!

I kept looking at this bird for a while at dusk!

As darkness sets in, even the bird returns to it resting place!

I walked back home at the end of the evening walk carrying this thought of rest! 

A family told me recently that even night is not restful as they struggle with many unresolved issues of conflict and stress! 

Night offers us rest from stress!

When we sleep restfully, there is rest and renewal! 

What is to rest in sleep!

A five year is fond of his recent acquisition of an animal puzzle. He carries it with him even when he goes to school! But when he goes to sleep he hands it over to his mother and says, 'please look after it till I am awake...'

He has learned to trust his mother to take care of his concern!

We become restful when we can trust God of our lives with our concerns! Even when it is 'dark' with no light, it is trust that saves us!

M.C.Mathew( text and photo)

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