25 January, 2017

Something special related to ONE!

It is th only bud in the rose bud during this season! It is is plant of three years of age!

As I watched this bud for a few days, I noticed that it is taking longer time than other buds to blossom! This one flowers is going to be different form others because it has taken longer time to blossom! 

Its is just one bud, but it is different in some way!

Th loneliness of being just one is an intimidating thought for many of us. When I was the only one intern not taking part in industrial action years back to press for enhanced salary, I felt worried about being the only person thinking and behaving differently. Since then, I have been through many situations, as recent as few weeks, when I have had to be alone to uphold another point of view. 

Being just the only one is not a disadvantage! It has the potential to be distinct and even unique!

As humans we are uniquely created and called! Each person is distinct and destined for something of significance!

It is in a journey of discovery that we are involved in!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

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