26 January, 2017

Blurred vision!

I was trying out a 15-200 mm lens to focus at a distance of about 300 hundred meters without a tripod! 

What surprised me was the sight of this lady, which the lens captured, while she was walking through the field! Most of the picture is blurred!

But what brought to my attention is an insight about the way we sight the happenings before us!

We are at risk of viewing things blurred!

There is an active political dialogue going on in this country as we approach election in five states on the philosophy of 'development'! There is a strong push towards economic development by industrialising in the hope that as against the original model of the yesteryears of 'self sufficiency' by involving even the weaker sections of society in development planning!

Between the two extremes there might be a middle path! I do not hear this being debated enough! 

Is our vision blurred!

If what we see is blurred, we are at risk of missing the clarity of purpose and mission!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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