26 February, 2017

Water birds!

The water birds have an alert presence all the time! As I kept watching these two birds who were near to each other, I found them in that still position for a long time. Even if they moved they just moved their neck from one direction to the other!

Every time I have an opportunity to observe similar water birds, what comes back to me is the message of presence!

I was listening to a friend the other day in the car park and my eyes and ears kept wandering to the sights in the street! He reminded me two times, 'Are you present with me'!

It is a common challenge for couples in their communication style!

Being present to the other is the only way to grow in understanding and belonging! Becoming present is both an art and attitude! All of us have a learning curve to learn to be present!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

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