26 February, 2017

Do not disturb me!

If Dulcie cannot be found and has not responded after calling her twice, it is a message to us, that she is wanting to be quiet or sleep. Her preferred position for her day time sleep is to lie underneath a chair! She developed this by habit!

Even a dog needs pauses from socialisation! 

Sometimes we crowd our days with activities that we forget that we need 'aloneness' !

It is necessary for us to learn to spend time with ourselves! It is to be a time when we enter into an inner conversation of gratitude, searching our thoughts, considering issues at hand, reflection on pleasant and difficult experiences, etc. Each of us has to grow in this attitude of friendship with ourselves!

Who am I! This is an ongoing search that we need to be engaged in! Our soberly view of ourselves is a result of such personal encounters! When we are in touch with our emotional and thought world we have better outer orientation and responses! God is the source of our being. It is when we are on a journey into ourselves, we get surprised by the consciousness of the presence of God in our lives!

Take time for 'Time Out', this is how we cultivate the habit of personal retreats!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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  1. Totally insightful ! Your posts continue to refresh, encourage and strengthen - a constant reminder to look within, look up and look ahead.
    Thank you for sharing your reflections.