26 February, 2017

Summer Fruits in our garden during my childhood-4

There were two types of jack fruits in our garden in my childhood. They looked different in shape, size and taste. Anna and I discovered the two types while on a visit to The Village, a rural resort near Angamaly!

The first variety was often used as a fruit and the second variety seen in the second photograph was used for cooking purpose when it was still raw.  

Every home would have had one or two jack fruit trees with many fruits enough for themselves and for their neighbours. Even if one were to find the fruit in the market in those days it would cost less than ten rupees, where as jack fruits have become a crash crop now each costing about 150 rupees.  

During the last fifteen years there is plenty of interest in jack fruit as it is used in manufacturing biscuits, alcohol, chips, juice, halwa, etc. We visited a jack fruit emporium recently when we were told that there are about thirty different items made from raw or ripe jack fruit! There is a business prospect as jack fruit has now become a favourite fruit in different parts if India. It is exported now...

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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