01 February, 2017

Daffney's visitor !

I find this squirrel on this tree in the same position regular in the mornings! It took a while for me to find an association! Daffney from her kennel notices the squirrel and follows all the movements of the squirrel! It is when I noticed this, I realised that there is a language of communication in nature. Daffy resists the visits of cats or other dogs! But she seems to be fond of birds and squirrels!

I wait and watch this silent communication whenever I sight the squirrel!

When a baby is born, one of the earliest communications between the baby and the mother is, 'looking at each other'. The baby feels drawn towards the mother and the mother feels emotionally awakened! In fact there is enough proof that the mother would have more milk when such  a silent communication takes place between the baby and mother!

There is a lot we can offer to others when we look at others! Our first gift to others before a conversation can start is our look... gentle, open and thoughtful looks bring nearness!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)  

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