26 February, 2017

During the mid day!

While on a holiday recently, I felt inclined to take photographs at different times of the day of this bunch of flowers. 

This picture of the mid day was captivating because the bright direct sunlight masked and distorted the colours ! When the bunch of flowers were hidden in the shadow of the adjacent tree, it had a gentle and visually appealing brilliance of its own! 

It brought home a truth that engaged my attention.

Each of us has our own unique personhood! We are often covered from the vulnerabilities of life by family, friends, mentors, etc. We need them for us to feel safe and secure when there are all kinds of pressures working on us all the time! To be exposed unprotected is a terrible experience!

It is a good practice to stay connected with others who feel for us and with us in times of stressful situations. We draw strength from others who carry us in their thoughts and convey solidarity with us in our times of need!

Above all, God is the guardian of our life!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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