26 February, 2017

Fig tree and fruits!

The first two pictures of a fig tree that Anna and I discovered in a village resort recently. It has large leaves and is spread out and is short in height. The fruits are in the main stem and its branches and not on the branches bearing thick foliage!

Another Fig tree we came across in Katherine and Peter's home a few years back had a different type of fig tree. Its leaves were different in shape and its fruits wee seen from all the branches covered by the foliage!The shape and texture of the fruit  too was different!

There are several dissimilarities, but both fruits belong to the same family!

It is one lesson I am learning all the time! As 'humans' we have a 'formed' character which is both inherited and acquired. Therefore all of us are different temperamentally and behaviourally! However as 'beings', we are similar with the potential to be moral, righteous, spiritual and God centred!There is virtue our 'being' brings to us as we are created beings in th likeness of God according to the Biblical teaching!

So we are different, but we are  beings of the same human family! Doesn't it create within us a greater regards and respect towards each other! We are called to a relationship of harmony and acceptance! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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