28 December, 2016

The in-between time!

This flower is neither a bud nor is fully open. This in-between stage is a transition time!

I have had time during this week to look back at some of the in-between times in my life!

The in-between time I specially meditated is the time of courtship when Anna and I were preparing ourselves for marriage. A year of the in-between time from the time we felt called to be together and the wedding day was an unusual time of growing in intimacy. 

The mid seventies were a time in india, where access to telephones was limited and long distance calls were even more difficult. So we trusted the Indian postal service to carry our daily letters to each other. Each letter was long and on some days we wrote more than one letter- more than 400 letters in total! 

Those letters were the means for us to share from our hearts and feel connected with our stories and  journey experiences of life. 

The intimacy in every relationship in marriage begins when there is a growing self disclosure in mutual trust and appreciation! This in between time is more than just planning together or sharing social conversations. It is for communicating trust and appreciation to foster each other's growth 'to become one'!

It is a desirable practice to have a good space of this in-between time and make courtship a season for growing in desire for each other!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)  


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