30 July, 2017

The beginnings

It is a delight to watch a child learn to walk!

What gives confidence to the child is the outstretched hands of the father.

This took steps slowly but steadily while the father kept walking backward.

This is the usual way most children start their walking expedition !

This is symbolic of what happens through out life. We walk with our faltering steps through different experiences of life. What is real and constant is the outstretched hands of God waiting to guide and lead us.

It is into His hands we shall safely fall when we falter and loose trust! Where we fix the gaze matters! It was when Peter got distracted from his gaze on Jesus and turned to the turbulent waters around him, Peter could no longer walk water!

We walk towards God from the time we are born in to this world! He watches over us! Our falls are the means for our learning to trust even more!

M.C.Mathew (text and photo)

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