29 July, 2017

Sense of Presence!

On a cloudy morning,  when the sun was in hiding except for short in between times, I watched this Magpie Robin sitting on the roof of our cottage. Every time there was a bird call or when our dogs barked, it responded bodily and alertly! 

This happened on a day after I returned after an intense engagement in  a situation which consumed my energy and attention! There was physical and emotional weariness!

So this sight was refreshing!

The way to live is by being connected with ones own situation but by being inwardly alert and quiet!

Our situations would stay outside of us only as much as we create an inner ambience of the call of life. The call of life is to 'live fully'!

I resisted the photographs after a telephone call when I felt dragged by what I heard! I felt enthused  by the sight of the bird being responsive but not being carried away into a preoccupation!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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