24 July, 2017

Learning during two months !

I return to sharing my reflections after a gap of two months! Some have telephoned me to enquire of my wellness during this time!

Yes, it was a time of some unsettlement, from which I am just recovering!

Every time I watch the fruits of different types in our garden, I am reminded how there is a rhythm in the plant life! 

What anchors our lives amidst adverse circumstances is the rhythm of life that we are called to celebrate. 

Even the disturbing experiences are truly life-experiences. 

I was able to re-read the book during this period, Monastery without walls by John Main a Benedictine Monk, who introduces the theme- Experientia magistra. For him, 'experience is the teacher'.

There were three first time experiences during the last two months. When one is in the sixth decade of life and there are first time major life events, what one can do is to wait beholding the mystery, for it to unfold their meaning!

I am glad that I was enabled to wait patiently.... I find a renewal of mission in my calling from what has happened!

Life is an experience in transition and formation!

(text and photo)

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