30 July, 2017

Hands are not good enough!

I have a habit of watching professionals photographers use different gadgets!

One of the recent sights which surprises me is the different forms of hand support the photographers use to reduce the handshake while shooting.

The standard in photography now a days is so high that most photographers prefer shooting by making camera steady! 

Most photographers are young. Even then they do not trust their hands to steady the camera.

While talking to a senior photographer, he told me that he would not drink even coffee to reduce tremors in his hands. He talked about photography as an art... but he thinks that the younger photographers are trained to look at it as a profession and career with success as the motive!

I shoot much less than I used to five years back. When I take photographs, I too face the challenge of handshake. However, it is a skill to take still photographs with steady hands. 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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