28 April, 2017

Swings of temperature!

The mid day temperature was 39 degree celsius yesterday. Today morning I noticed dew on the flowers! It is an indication of wide swing of temperature during summer!

Yesterday, I realised how such swings in mood are true in human behaviour! Yesterday a family who came to visit with their daughter told me how life is distressing to them due to cyclical phases of marital discord. The mother spoke about the mood swings in their lives as a couple. The success in their business determines their relationship! 

The extremes are not easy to cope with! It is a good practice to live temperately and moderately finding meaning out of experiences and strengthening the inner resources to stay resilient and resourceful. Their daughter listening to this conversation , although understood only little, said, 'But I am happy because I had a good birthday party two days back'!

Do we live majoring on the difficulties or live recollecting the richness of pleasant experiences!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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