28 April, 2017

Stop to think!

I have often wondered how the nutmeg fruits split naturally only in the centre, when it is ripe! I have pondered over it and asked several farmers and botanists! There are several explanations, but no definite single answer!

The small things that we observe in nature for which there is no definite one answer is a reminder to us that these are mysteries for us to behold!

I wish we can grow in a sense of wonder rather than rationalise or trivialise what we see all around us!

A sense of wonder is what a child lives with his. When a mother asked a two year old child, 'How was the lime juice, he said, 'it is lovely, lovely, lovely, fantastic'!

To stay alive and alert to small and big realities is a gift within us which we can exercise to make our life a joy of encounter!

MC.Mathew(text and photo)

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