28 April, 2017

Between two days!

During my early morning walk two days back, I noticed the web and the folded leaves with no caterpillar in sight! Today the leaves have been used to form a protected space for the caterpillar to move into the phase being  a cocoon! All in two days! 

So much happens each day all around us which can escape our attention! It can be true of our lives. While re-reading the book, Barak Obama-autobiography of his childhood and growing up years, I realised how he described the events of his life with perception and insight that held my attention with a sense of wonder! He transcended all the bad and unfolded the call of his life by seeing the opportunities the good experiences provided for him! It is a book that tells us how small experiences matter and can form our lives!

Life is never static.... it is unfolding all the time! 

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)
To stay alert to the sounds and sights of our inner self is one way of finding the mission in our lives!

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