04 September, 2017

Should I !

This is the pause of Dulcey, when I call her to come in after the early morning stroll in the garden! There is a long pause with this 'pitiful' look before she slowly comes in. The two pictures show the reluctant response! But if I were to shake the biscuit container or say,'biscuit', she runs in to the house. I now deliberately allow her to come in without priming  her with a reward. 

As I have watched this behaviour for almost six months since we began to introduce to her some basic behaviour of compliance, I noticed that the tone of the voice matters a lot. When Anna or I call her in a gentle and pleasing voice she complies far better than when we are loud or forceful in voice. I learned recently that even dogs can discern a loving or caring tone in human voice!

I have been through a difficult phase recently on account of confluence of events. I have had to be involved in various engagements. I have been giving more attention to the tone of my voice as to how I use them on the phone, in conversation, discussion or even in arguments. 

I have noticed that there is more inclination to use forceful or categorical language in conversations or discussions almost appearing to control others or force one's opinion.

While spending a few hours with a family recently their fifteen months old baby kept amusing us with all kinds of social responses. I was amazed at the way the  parents make that happen by their gentle and  caring ways.

We can help others respond better when we show forth kind and caring ways and in the use of our language and tone of our voice!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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