04 September, 2017

Bird family !

This is the best picture I could capture at dusk without a zoom lens!

However this picture came alive to me when I heard them sing to each other almost reciprocally for a while. It was a strong wind prior to a down pour which interrupted the singing and them flying off to a safer place! 

They were male and female birds form what I could make out both form their physical features and the way they sang. The male birds sang with multiple tones and with a melody. The females were different in their tunes. 

What says with me of this sighting and singing of a bird family is how they flew in together to rest on this tree and flew away together to a far away place. There was an inherent harmony. 

I saw this captivating scene while in a recovery phase of a difficult situation where harmony wast at risk in relationships in a situation I was recently involved! 

What brings us together is our sense of belonging! Three children were playing with a handball in the garden. One of them fell down and bruised himself. The other two stopped playing and walked him home! I asked them, whey they stopped playing! The two boys told me, 'we stopped playing, because Ben was hurt'! A remarkable view of shared living!

I wish, we would learn to keep that value as inherent to our calling!


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