21 August, 2017

Shades of Pink!

The flowers from the same plant, when photographed from two different angles with different light conditions! There is an appearance of  difference! 

This set me thinking. The same flowers appear different slightly! The flower has not changed, but its appearance to the beholding eye has changed!

As I occasionally watch the TV debates on contemporary issues, the opposing arguments which sometimes become hostile, are only different perceptions each carrying some truth!

Yesterday, one domestic helper commented that it might rain during the day; while the other felt that there is sign of sunshine in the sky! But what happened was that there were couple of showers with sunshine in between! 

Ours is becoming an argumentative society without sound reason... what w need at difficult times such as it is now, is a collaborating tone in our voice and intent!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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