15 August, 2017

My Mood while strolling in the garden!

Wherever I looked on that day, when I was waling in the garden, I saw yellow flowers. Not that here were no other flowers with different colours! I happened to notice the yellow ones!

It was conditioned by me perception! When I became aware of the filter of my mind at that time, I repositioned my sight. Lo and behold there were other flowers with different colours.

Tis happened at the end of a day after a difficult meeting! The meeting ended stressfully as a few insisted on others to buy in to their perception!

We are subject to our mood, attitude, and state of alertness!

When we are sure and insist on our view point to be the only truth, we are likely to be at risk of missing the whole truth!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

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