19 November, 2016

Innovating as a way of life!

Prof. Valiathan, who invented the Chithra heart valve was at CMC Vellore recently for the convocation of the post graduates!

After an intensive research, Dr. Valiathan perfected the art of designing and crafting the heart valve 25 years ago which has been used in about one hundred thousand patents over these years! Now the second generation valve is getting ready for clinical trial!

With no mention to all the outstanding achievements in his address, he invited the graduating students to consider the call of being 'physician friends' to patients!

Yesterday, an orthopaedic surgeon told me that, when he goes shopping, he meets someone whom he looked after during his thirty-five years of service in the hospital!

Dr. Valiathan urged in his address that the 'art of practice of medicine' is both 'taught' and 'caught'! 

M.C.Mathew(photo and text)  

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