19 November, 2016

Flowers are reminders!

What remains in our memories!

I went through an exercise of locating the sites of the pictures which  I photographed over the recent years. This photograph reminds me of two senior  friends whom Anna and I have known over the last 25 years. One has moved on.. and the other with whom we are in touch regularly recently expressed his desire to visit us in February, 2017. 

How do we treasure our memories!

It is by remembering and being in touch!

Yesterday a student sent a message to Anna for the encouragement he received during a visit to our home because of which he took an initiative to organise to perform on the stage as a batch on the college day! This seems to have reunited them as a batch and given them a new enthusiasm to be in touch with each other!

Memories are our treasures... they make us live our lives in fellowship with others!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo) 

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