28 August, 2016

A confession and a discovery!

I ought to have been worshipping with others in the church today morning! But I felt lazy to get ready in the morning. Anna was away at Vellore and I found that as an excuse to stay at home!

Seeing me in the veranda both dogs kept prodding me to have their morning run in the grass.  

As usual I looked at the flowers at the hedge of the lawn and moved on. I almost missed noticing a butterfly on a flower because it could not be distinguished from the rest of the greenery!

That gorgeous sight stopped me to have a closer look at the flowers! The ten pictures I posted in the blog are some of the pictures I took with a 100 mm lens in about half an hour!

All the little 'things' we have in the nature escape our attention because we overlook them or do to exist in our optic!

As I sat editing the pictures, I felt an unusual sense of awe for the beauty and grace the butterflies bring! 

It is in nature we see exquisite beauty and feel uplifted to be grateful to God of creation!

M.C.Mathew(text and photo)

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