01 May, 2017

Bird habits!

I have no idea if it is the  same bird coming to the same tree each evening!

All birds would have some regular visits to the same place. It is one way they claim their territory!  Sometimes they visit the same place more than once a day!

Habits are patterns!

One child told me that he likes to complete all his home work at school so that he can play with his friends in the evening! That was his habit by choice!

It is good to check the origin of our habits and see if they are creative and purposeful!

A student told me that he could kick his habit of smoking when he realised that he is spending too much money on something that has the potential to harm him! 

We can shed unhealthy habits and embrace good habits! That is a sign of living with awareness !

M.C.Mathew( text and photo)

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